Hola Mallorca

Mallorca, a small island lit by Mediterranean sun, perfect for relax and fun.
Mallorca is a renowned place for spending summer holidays, but also offers perfect conditions for leisure, recreation and sport throughout the year. Mallorca is located just a two- hours flight from Slovakia and Vienna.
The island of Mallorca offers everything you might need on your holiday.
The perfectly blue sea, mountains, magnificent historical monuments, remote mountain villages, caves, conditions for boat trips, golf, hiking, cycling, culture, gastronomy and even nightlife.
Mallorca is a fascinating interplay between sea and mountains, that appeals to all of the senses. 
It is a magnet that attracts everyone, no other destination in the Mediterranean is as diverse and variable, the island itself is much more than sun, beaches and palm trees. 

Mallorca has to be experienced, known little by little, slowly and calmly, and then it gets completely under your skin.  
You will certainly love Mallorca.


Mallorca is called the island of orange, lemon and palm trees.
Mallorca is a paradise under the sun, the sun shines over 300 days a year here
There are two official languages in Mallorca, Spanish and Catalan, which the local people call mallorquín.

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I first came to Mallorca out of rather practical reasons. Along with my husband we wanted to spend a long October weekend somewhere it is still pretty warm, with a pleasant atmosphere, places to see and also good places to eat. And then it happened! As soon as I got off the plane, I felt that this was a place I would love and would always come back to.