From the history of the island

From the history of the island

The island of Mallorca has been inhabited since Neolithic times. In the ancient era, the indigenous inhabitants of the island were known for their skills in using an unusual weapon - a sling, throwing deadly stone missiles at enemies. The ancient Mallorcans were recruited as mercenaries in Roman and Carthaginian troops.

The island was a haven throughout history and often a target of attacks by pirates. For this reason, all of the Mediterranean powers, whether the Romans, Moorish rulers and later the Spaniards tried to take control of the isla

Native population defended the island against foreigners by slings. According to a legend, a Roman general who attacked the island had to use animal skins to protect himself against stones thrown from slingshots of the islanders. Nevertheless, the Romans conquered the island and annexed it to the Roman Empire

t the site of the present capital city, the Romans founded a military fortress, which was later rebuilt and expanded by new conquerors until the current Almudaina Royal Palace and the city of Palma de Mallorca were built.

After turbulent times of the migration of the nations, the island got under the influence of the Byzantine Empire and in the 8th century it was occupied by Moorish conquerors bringing their advanced Arab culture. After the Reconquista, the island was annexed to the Christian Kingdom of Aragon. For a short period an independent Balearic Kingdom was established, which in a modern period got into possession of the Spanish Habsburgs and later modern Spanish.