Travelling by car

Travelling by car

Minimum age of a driver is 18. The driver must have a driving license, certificate of a vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

Children under 12 must be in child seats. Children and persons under 135 cm must use a special safety belt. Children and persons from 135 cm to 150 cm can use a special safety belt or a regular seat belt.

Unless there is a traffic sign indicating something else, in municipalities and built-up areas there is a speed limit 50 km/h. Outside municipalities and built-up areas there is a speed limit depending on the vehicle type and road (90-100km/h) and 120km/h on highway.

Fines for speeding vary from 100 to 520 € depending on your speed. Driving licence or the vehicle can also be seized (for speeding by 50% or more of the speed limit, if it exceeds 30 km / h). In case you want to appeal against the fine, you should contact the police court of the police department reporting the offence.

Seat belts are compulsory for all passengers in the vehicle. The fine for not using a seat belt is from 91 to 150 euros for each and every passenger.

The use of mobile phones while driving is prohibited, unless you use some "hands free" system. In case of violation, the driver is fined up to 91 eur.

As for car insurance, the insurance company should give you a Green card, which must be placed behind the vehicle front glass. In case you have an insurance certificate it is not neccessary to have a Green card while in EU.

In case of accident without serious injury of participants who agree on the course of the accident, it is not neccessary to call the police, just fill in the form - a report of an accident that participants sign.Should the other party refuse to sign such report , copy the car registration number, names of witnesses, or the name of a police officer present.

Do NOT sign the declaration form or anything else that you do not understand! It can be used as an evidence against you.

If the parties to the accident are hospitalised, authorities shall ensure reporting and announcing the accident.

If you do not need hospitalization, but feel the consequences of the accident (shock, minor injuries), let the medical authority issue an evidence of your injuries .

Paid roads are signed with a traffic sign peaje / or toll or Autopista de peaje. Upon arriving on the paid road you should buy a ticket at the first toll station.

Car rental

Prior to signing the contract, you should pay attention to its terms and conditions, request any and all necessary information about the car that you want to rent and other essentials such as car insurance, insurance of passengers and so on. Read the terms and conditions and the final contract particularly when booking a car through the Internet, whether it contains all the agreed conditions, identification of the car selected and other agreed requirements. Make a car inspection prior to signing the take-over protocol and report any damage, resp. any shortcomings of the car.

If possible, check opening hours of the rental shop, to avoid the car take-over at the agreed place, the parking lot of the company or elsewhere without the possibility to have the car handed over directly to the person from the company, because you take the risk that the car will be damaged at the parking place and you will be responsible for the damage.

Save all documents of the car, protocols, contracts and payment bills.


The fee for taxi service varies by region, price list must be placed visible for the consumer in a taxi. Most often it is situated on the window at the passenger site.

You can get information about the cost of transport by taxi at the tourist information point.